Mind Vortex – Against The Grain EP

After the release of their ‘Colours’ EP in 2014, Mind Vortex have switched up a gear and are now rolling forward with even more intensity. Presenting yet another four slabs of sonic-attitude, they’ve solidified their mark in Ram’s roster and are this time coming for the jugular. If you were looking for the same pent-up aggression as ‘Hotbox’ and ‘Gravity’, Mind Vortex are not here to disappoint.

“The duo’s intense dedication to their craft along with their ingenuity is felt through every meticulous kick and thoughtful melody.” – Your EDM

“Mind Vortex kick-start the summer with the arrival of their eagerly awaited four-track Against the Grain EP on Ram. Having absolutely crushed it in each and every outing ever since linking up with the Ram family in 2012, the hard-hitting duo brings the anthemic heat once again to the dancefloor.” – Insomniac

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