LSB production mix

If there’s one drum ‘n’ bass producer you should get accustomed with this year, it’s LSB. His productions are super smooth rollers and his deck selection’s always on point.

Just check ‘The View’ (featuring Tyler Daley’s vocals) from DRS’ recent album on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:r label for proof. LSB produced it and the sumptuous piano keys and swift clap drums have become a mainstay in d’n’b sets in the last six months.

LSB – If You’re Here
LSB -This City
LSB – Remedy
LSB – As Soon As (Dub mix)
LSB – Mist of You
LSB – Loop of Love
LSB – Leave
London Elektricity – Vapour Trails (LSB remix)
Komatic, Technicolour & LSB – Serendipity
LSB – Subdued
Little Dragon – Twice (LSB bootleg)
LSB – Untitled
LSB – New Day
LSB – Untitled
Lenzman – Starz (LSB remix)
LSB – Walking Blues
Komatic, Technicolour & LSB – Rotary Motion
DRS feat LSB & Tyler Daley – The View

Source: Mixmag


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