Tantrum Desire – Diversified Mini Mix

Tantrum Desire – Diversified Album Mini Mix
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Oblivion (feat SOLAH)
The Shadows (Matrix & Futurebound)
Repeat (feat Coppa)
I Need You Here (Drumsound & Bassline Smith)
Underground (feat Laura Bayston)
Goddess Of Love
The Sacrifice
Get On It
Heat Seeker
Adventure Through Space
Back For Love (feat Julie Gordon & Smokesta)
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Let’s not beat around the bush. Anyone who knows anything knows that this album is going to be big. It’s absolutely clear Jay and Dev have put the graft in over the last decade to claim and maintain their D&B-elite status. For one thing, production mastermind Jay has put in the studio hours to hone that distinctive, arena-sized Tantrum Desire sound. And, as DJs, they’ve proven their ability to take that sound into the real world and make it connect with the biggest crowds bass-heavy music has to offer. There are a handful of acts that can simultaneously kill it in the underground and the mainstream, and we’re about to find out why Tantrum Desire is one of them.

But this album isn’t all about the big ticket items. It’s not just a collection of singles, but a cohesive vision, a journey mapped by a pair of DJs and producers immersed in the music. This is made clear right from the beginning, with the drumless title track setting out the template of movement between vibes and styles. Delving deep, there’s “Goddess of Love”, with its unapologetically constant level of tension, reiterated and reinforced by ever-changing sample-manipulation. And there’s “Back for Love”, featuring Julie Gordon and Smokesta, an almost lo-fi excursion, which takes tropes from trip-hop and the Bristol Sound to create something that’s sure to strike a chord with old skool junglists.

Let’s be clear, though. These are just some of the things “Diversified” has to offer. There are sixteen tracks here which, together, crystallise the multiple, complex layers of Tantrum Desire’s take on bass-led electronic dance music in 2015. The joy for DJs, ravers and listeners alike is going to be discovering those layers for themselves. So go discover.


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