VA- Worldwide Jungle Vibe [Inner Mind Recordings]

‘Worldwide Jungle Vibe’ is a global selection of fresh upfront Jungle, Breakcore & Oldskool Rave/Hardcore, featured on this compilation are respected and renowned producers in the underground Jungle scene of 2015 such Msymiakos & 16AJ along side masters of the spliced amen break 2Brainz, Myk Dubz who takes it back to 93 with dark minimal roller ‘The Dark Strings’, some old skool is provided by Amiga Breaks & Paul Cronin and check out Redshift’s bombastic 94′ style Jungle damager ‘We’re Reggae’, just a few highlights from an excellent 12 track LP that incorporates all facets of the Jungle sound and showcases a whole load of talented artists, ‘Worldwide Jungle Vibe’ will be a free download c/o Inner Mind Recordings on 26/08/15


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