Saxxon- Party Bag EP [Natty Dub Recordings]

After a highly successful recent compilation album release, Natty Dub Recording’s next big hitter is due out November, its a ‘Party Bag’ from Saxxon, thats the title of this firing 5 track EP which is currently streamable from the Natty Dub soundcloud. It would seem that Saxxon’s party bag is loaded with high grade DnB production, refining and bringing up to date the best elements of the sound for tracks like ‘Proceed’ ‘Hold Up’ and ‘Street Fire’ drawing from the classic style of artists like Bizzy B/Pugwash a.k.a The Dream Team and Roni Size/Krust/Die et al but with an oh so fresh and gripping take, a listen to the clips will confirm that people will be fighting to grab this party bag!!!

Out This November Natty Dub Juno Download Natty Dub Beatport


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