Get to know Infrasonik

Cubic-ep - Artwork

In case you don’t know, WAR is essentially the black ops division of Technique Recordings. The imprint only emerges from cover on rare occasions and, when it does, it always signals the delivery of a heavy payload of explosive dance floor material. This particular mission demonstrates that the name Worldwide Audio Recordings is no idle boast. This unit has truly international credentials.

Austrian producer collective Infrasonik delivers maximum energy with ‘The Horror’. We caught up with the guys to get to know them.

For the ones that haven’t heard about you yet, please tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, we are Benny, Pete & Rene from Infrasonik, thanks for having us!
Basically, we’re three producers from Austria, living in the same area. We’ve signed to Technique Recordings to add our own little spice to today’s dnb scene. More stuff from us is up to come in the future. Keep an eye on our twitter and facebook 🙂

What sparked your passion for Drum & Bass and how did you first start making music together?
Our passion started years ago when artists like Andy C, Simon Bassline Smith and Sub Focus started releasing tunes. We met at gigs by our solo projects Dossa, Locuzzed & NiceAdvice. We always exchanged about production and music in general. So that’s why we decided to try making a track together – in the end we thought it would best to create a new alias for our collaborations and this is how we met.

How did the release on Worldwide Audio come about? Please talk us through the track.
Well, we had a few ideas and sent them to Simon Bassline Smith. He really liked ‘The Horror’ – that’s why we decided to finish it. We tried to transmit the vibe of an oldschool horror movie, so we added these vintage vocal samples and pads to the intro. The track itself was intended as a DJ tool, being as simple as effective.It’s hard to talk about music tho, best thing is to give it a listen 🙂

What would you recommend people looking for Drum & Bass in Austria?
Austria is delivering high quality DnB for a long time. Artists like Body&Soul, Fourward, Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Ill Skillz (to name a few) constantly raised the bar and set new standards in the scene.
We have great dnb-parties all over Austria. Club-wise we are big fans of Flex and Arena Club in Vienna.

Where can people see you playing out? Any UK appearances planned soon?
The year 2015 is nearly over but you can still catch us at some local Austrian parties. We don’t have any UK-Gigs planned, but let’s see what 2016 brings 🙂

What are your plans for Christmas and New Years this year?
Just the usual stuff actually:
Sharing time with family and friends, snowboarding and having some „Gluehwein“ as most Austrians do ;).

Buy Cubic EP on Worldwide Audio on Beatport and iTunes.


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