Phantasy & Dextone Interview

It’s been a monumental year for DJ’s Phantasy & Dextone, from a top selling track on Viper’s Sound Of Drum & Bass compilation to producing the world record breaking track Animal as part of the Harry Shotta Show, who’s album is near complete with a full release early 2016.

Rounding off the year the guys have a formidable 3 track EP on Phantasy’s Easy Records, with an accompanying music video.

We caught up with the two to get to know more.

How did the collaboration between you two come along?

Dextone and I have been working together for about 18 months now and started working together via another artists we both worked with, Reaxion. We just got a great vibe in the studio going and started off in at the deep end with remixes for Tulisa, Charlie Brown & Rizzle Kicks within the space of a couple of months. The vibes were just right and we started working on other projects and releases.

Great EP! Please talk us through the tracks.

Thank you, Refused came about from the main riff sound. Dextone can sit there for days just making sounds. I find a sound to use but he just wants to recreate everything and make it fresh, which can take ages because he’s a perfectionist lol But he made this sound and when I went into the studio, he played it and i knew straight away it was gonna be something the dnb supporters would love. I tested it out at a few shows and it was when i played it at this festival in Belgium that I realised the track was special. The place went mental. I then filmed a short video clip of the track being played at the Waterpark at Innovation In The Sun that had over 250k views, which was amazing. A real festival vibe on this one.

Track With No Name: We wanted to produce something that was a bit more deeper and rolling to showcase the different styles of DNB we can produce. When I listen to EP’s or Album’s from artists, I like to hear a variety of different styles and we wanted this to reflect in this EP by having 3 different styled tracks. This one is for the underground heads.

Second Cut: This was the last of the tracks of the EP to be made. When we made this, we just caught a wicked vibe in the studio and I tested a very rough version of it out at Westfest, which went down really well so we went back in and finished it. This one is defiantly aimed at the dance floor.

The video for Refused is wicked! Please tell us about the story behind the idea.

We wanted to do something that was fun. We discussed some ideas and then I went to meet the producer to discuss some ideas. We decided on a story of an older gentleman being visited by his granddaughter and then going off with her old vas video camera and having a right good ol’ day out. I spoke with the guys, who run United Festival and got their permission to film there and one of the most important things I wanted to do with this video, we wanted to get as many of the dnb supporters involved as we could. We put out posts on our social medias to let people know that we would be filming and it all went so well. The video was filmed over 3 days in different locations, but was such a great video to do and we can’t thank all the team and people involved in the video enough for their help, patience and support. We hope the people love the video as much as we loved making it.

What have been you musical highlights of the year?

I think we would both agree that having a track on Viper Recordings Album, The Sound Of DnB 2015 was a great start to the year.

The success of ‘Harry Shotta Show – Animal’ on SBTV was a massive highlight for us, peaking at 8 in the hip hop charts and clearing a million views on YouTube within just a few months.

We have been working on the upcoming Harry Shotta Show album which is near complete now and will be released in early 2016.
There have been so many musical highlights in 2015, that it would be unfair to pick one but were very blessed to be doing what we love and to be enjoying it.

Where can people see you playing next?
Next stop for Dextone is NYE at Innovation in London.
Next stop for me is Footsie’s birthday with my SaSaSaS family. Then a mad busy Christmas and NYE schedule.
Don’t forget the SaSaSaS Spring Tour next year which will be announced soon.





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