D’SILVA – Bass Telescope / On The Wall [Reach LDN]

Reach LDN & D’SILVA return for their second outing, the massive double A-side EP ‘Bass Telescope’ & ‘On The Wall’ Ft. Richard Clarke

‘Bass Telescope’ is an epic roller that will bruck up any sound system with low slung, filthy basslines and enough tech to keep even the most avid chin stroker massaging the lower regions of his face. This one has dance floor destroyer written all over it.

‘On The Wall’ is A classic vocal anthem, with the feeling of a mid-noughties amen smasher. Entirely written, produced and composed by D’Silva and Richard Clarke. If the vocal version wasn’t enough, the package also comes with a dub.

All in all a stirling second release from a burgeoning powerhouse of a label!


‘We are really excited about this video, we feel like the narrative is great and fits the song perfectly. I was also so excited about the story that Jamie BC (Producer) & Theon (Director) told me. Apparently they were a real couple and the style was kind of a cross between a documentary and music video’ – Nicky D’Silva

Like this release? Buy it HERE


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