MaxNRG – Interview

The drum and bass scene is looking strong. From the sweaty recesses of the grimiest jump-up raves to chart-topping, ad-soundtracking mainstream acceptance, 2015 has shown that this music has the full spectrum covered. And Technique Recordings, as always, has been up there at the forefront of the movement. This compilation, drawn from Technique’s releases over the year, is here to confirm that point. We’ve had a chat with MaxNRG to get to know about his bacckground and his contributions to Technique Recordings.

Please tell us about your musical background and how you started producing yourself.

I’ve been growing up in a musical family. My father was fond of music, he was playing in a band and collecting vinyl records. Since my childhood I was surrounded by music from Louis Armstrong, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Led Zepelin. In the early 90s I got into hip-hop. This was followed by enthusiasm for electronic music at the time, in particular, The Prodigy.

I was always more attracted to broken rhythms. Even during the peak of popularity of direct drums, I was more interested in breakbeats. However, in those days it was very difficult to find a similar underground work in Ukraine. The youth of today is difficult to understand the times. Now music is freely available on the Internet, and it’s so much. But in those days we hardly fetched cassettes with rare at the time of their tracks and rerecorded many times. One of cassettes called “Quiet Storm of Drum and Bass”. It hooked me the most.

I was always interested in music and, accordingly, began to try to write something of their own. The first tracks he wrote only for himself, no one showing them, for me, music – is a process of self-expression. Over time, there was a need to share your music, and so I began performing as a DJ.

We love ‘Far Frontiers of Space’. Please talk us thought the track.

It’s all about my sc-fi reading experience – the future worlds of Robert Sheckley, Ray Bradbury, Harry Harrison, Isaac Asimov, Strugatsky Bros. etc was my inspiration. It is a kind of tribute to their creativity!
Pulsating synth rhythm that goes through all tune was originally taken from ‘Marc Moulin – Balek’
Melody & harmony was coming from my head – I just wanted to bring some science fiction future vibe to the drum’n’bass.
Voice sample that gave the name of tunes was founded after some youtube searching – ‘BBC Space Odyssey Voyage To The Planets Part 2’. David Suchet voice is what I really need for it!

How is the DNB scene doing in the Ukraine. What are the clubs, labels and artists pushing the scene over there?

You know, we have a very difficult situation in Ukraine in general now. To be honest it’s not the best time for dnb scene, but we believe that the hardest times has been passed. Such names as Derrick & Tonika, Paimon (1/3 of Teddy Killerz), Aggressor Bunx, Nickbee, Sunchase and many more are known worldwide and more to go!

How does Christmas and New Year look like for you this year?

This year I will enjoy holidays with my family and it’s great!

If you had to listen to only one track for entire 2016, which one would it be and why?

Ode To Joy by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Because it’s genius masterpiece! Very motivate and it never get old

Check out Technique Recording’s compilations, you can buy it HERE.


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