Document One Kicks Off 2016

It hasn’t taken long for Document One to define their own niche among the Technique Recordings roster. Brimming with multi-genre experience, this team has come well-equipped with a fresh and clean production style, overt musicality and uncompromising levels of funk.

We caught up with Document One ahead of their newest release “Run The Block / Small Steps”, to hear a bit about how their 2015 went, and what they like about New Years Eve.

What were your musical highlights of 2015?

Witnessing DnB reach to places no one could have expected it to go. Originality across the scene sonically and composition wise has been mind blowing . The boundaries have been pushed to breaking point, especially within the neuro side of things but not exclusively. 2015 has been an inspiring year for us!

What did NYE look like for you?

Nye was a great night. We played Viper live in Germany alongside amazing talents Smooth, Hybris and Mob Tactics! The vibe was amazing and a really great way to kick start the new year.

Any New Years resolutions?

Spend more time on sound design, gig more of the world and colab more for sure! We have so much to explore within DnB and a lot to learn. It’s all about working hard and taking chances this year!

What have you got coming up this year?

A busy release schedule, including our new single coming out this month. We have shows in Europe and North america booked so it looks to be a good year on that front too. Mainly though it’s heads down in the studio!

How do you see DNB evolving in 2016?

We’re just loving being a part of DnB continuing to go bigger and better. The bar is constantly raising and production constantly evolving. For us DnB is the most innovative genre within dance music right now, so we’re just excited to sit back and see where it goes rather than try and make any assumptions.

Run The Block / Small Steps is available to pre order HERE


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