Strife II top 5 tunes of the moment

Robert Walker AKA Strife II is a 26 year old Pianist, guitarist and producer from Birmingham, UK.
He has had releases on liquicity, Seeking Blue (MrSuicudesheep’s label), c Recordings, Celcius Recordings, Rebuild Music and many more.

His latest release the Collide EP just dropped on Subsphere Records and its the perfect example of deep musical Drum & Bass. The whole EP is classy and expertly executed. You can buy it HERE

We caught up with Strife II to find out what his top 5 tunes of the moment are…

1. LSB – About Tonight.
LSB is kind of the master of dreamy minimal dnb for me, and this is just a great train/night drive/comedown tune.

2. Feint – Sky Dance (Gavin G Remix).
Feint and Gavin G knocking their heads together was always going to be fantastic, let’s be honest. Uplifting and ravey, love it.

3. Sam B – Keep It Going.
Nearly included this on my best of 2015 list – this one is a great feelgood tune. I loved it the moment I heard it.

4. NCT – Scars.
NCT and me started getting our music uploaded to channels like Liquicity, SuicideSheep around the same time and kind of grew together, although he/they definitely excelled me pretty quickly. Every tune of theirs sounds like an endless summer day. Awesome.

5. Fred V & Grafix – Constellations.
What a great way to start 2016. Absolutely lush!


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