SUN PEOPLE – Swinging Flavors #1 (Beat Machine Records)

‘Swinging Flavours’ is the first in a new series of 7′ & Digital releases by Beat Machine Records that explores a more ‘Dancefloor’ focused sound.

“Swinging Flavors #1” is the handy work of Sun People aka Simon / Off. The Disko404 owner, Phuture Shock Music affiliate and Sub.FM / Radio Helsinki regular host debuts on the label with a 6-minute banger filled with heavy bass vibes & toms sorrounded by chopped but smooth female vocals and spacey synths.

On the B-Side, French Ninja Tune / Astrophonica / Cosmic Bridge protégée Moresounds emphasise the original track’s vibes and whips up a heavy & blissful remix with footwork structure & beats.

And if thats not enough… Beat Machine Records also has an awesome little gift for the listeners out there. If you buy the entire digital release or the 7” you’ll get “Rattle”… an unreleased track by Sun People.

“Swinging Flavors #1” will be out on 7” vinyl / digital on 17th January 2016.

Buy the EP HERE

Make sure you follow Sun People & Beat Machine Records on Facebook


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