Rob Sparx Top 5 NexGen Music Releases

London raised, Leicester-based producer extraordinaire, Rob Sparx hits the ground running in early 2016 with his ‘Dreamin’ EP which is released on Friday 12th Feb on NexGen Music

To celebrate this, we caught up with Rob to find out what his top 5 releases are on the awesome NexGen Music and its sub-labels.

1.) D.A – Forbidden Fruit

NexGen boss D.A. has great instincts for soulful elements in his music and
gets some amazing music and textures in his productions. There’s a lot going
on in this track its an interesting journey on the lighter side of liquid,
very mid 90’s jazzy dnb in style with a lively drum workout.

2.) Intelligent Manners – Superbad

I’m a huge Curtis Mayfield fan and this one just hits the spot, 70’s all the
way but unique sounding and very lively lots of chops, stop-starts a lot but
without losing the pace at all, great tune.

3.) Matt Doubt – Stop On By

This is a seriously cool track on that disco 70’s vibe, amazing vocals and
warm music think High Contrast meets Jackie Brown or the Warriors.

4.) Cutworks – Soulroot

I love the sleazy jazzy feel of this tune, lovely trumpets and piano. Lots of
liquid/musical tunes can sound similar but this is more unique and great for
taking the mix off in a different direction.

5.) Soulful Nature – Passing By

This was a release on my label Migration (a Sub Label of NexGen) a earlier last year
ago. Rich’s music has that Hospital magic – its so uplifting and soulful, the
way the basses pitch shift on this is what makes this tune its full of warmth
and emotion still sounds just as fresh now as back then. Watch out for his new
EP its the next release on NexGen such a quality release, liquid doesn’t get
much better than this!

Have a listen to Rob’s latest EP below.

Catch up with Rob Sparx on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter

Catch up with NexGen on Website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud


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