Killer Hertz Top 10 Viper Tracks

With Viper Recordings new compilation “The Sound of Drum & Bass” dropping on Friday, we’re wasting no time and catch up with Killer Hertz. On top of that, they share their Top 10 Viper tracks of all time with us!

You’re track on the compilation is called ‘All Out’, do you guys go all out on the weekend?
We go ‘All Out’ every single day of the year. Its a way of life.

‘All Out’ has a high energy feel to it, what was this inspired by?
The main inspiration of this song is the need for change. The message in the song is carried by the lyrics. Its about %100 commitment to the cause and doing it with the right people.

How do you feel about being featured on a compilation by a prestige label like Viper alongside all these amazing artists?
We are stoked that Viper are supporting us, we’ve never been happier about our future in music. There are many reasons that Viper is a great record label, but most of all, the people behind the label are truly exceptional and we are buzzing with anticipation for what the future holds.

Make sure to check out the new exclusive tracks as well as Loko’s megamix. Viper recordings is hosting a Live stream event in London on 9th of March, get free tickets here.



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