Soulful Nature’s Top 10 Tracks Of All Time

Soulful Nature just dropped his awesome ‘Going Nowhere’ EP on NexGen Music. its a intoxicating mixture of liquid, Soul, Jazz & Funk.

The EP has had some major support and plays from the likes of Drumsound & Bassline Smith, TC, DJ SS, & John B.
We thought this was a good opportunity to to catch up with the DJ/Producer to find out what his top tunes are and and a little bit about him and what he’s up to for the rest of the year.

1. Your EP has a very classic, soulful, jazz feel to it. What attracts you to the more soulful sound of Drum & Bass?
I like sampling vinyl from the 60s and 70s, a lot of soul but It’s not just that genre that I reach for. It can be any sample, jazz,soul,funk,rock whatever just as long as it stirs an emotion in me whether happy or sad then I’ll work with it. I like the sample to drive the track as it keeps it interesting for me and I always believe that you want to be having fun when you write music otherwise what’s the point. At the minute at lot of the music I’m writing is a lot funkier because of where in my collection I’m sampling from.

2. Who is your favourite producer of this kind of sound?
There are a few to be honest. Marky and Random Movement always deliver the goods no matter what they release and even though he’s focussing more on his Dead Mans Chest output at the minute, Eveson always produces what seems like effortlessly silky music. I’ve never been one to watch the level of production over the vibe of the track.

Soulful Nature’s top 10 tracks of all time. 

3. How long have you been producing for?
I’ve been producing seriously for the last 3 years. I made the switch to Ableton from Cubase and my productivity went up 100%. The workflow you achieve in Ableton is great. I don’t have a great deal of time to spend making music as I have a job teaching youngsters about music technology so the time I have needs to be used effectively. I teach in the daytime and then it’s into the studio in the evening.

4. What are your plans for the rest of 2016
I’m in the process of moving to a new studio so I’ve got a ton of sketches that need finishing. A couple of remixes also so I’ll be busy finishing them until the summer and then it’s festival time…

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