BMotion Top 5 Remixes of all time.

BMotion has a banging remix about to drop this week of Brookes Brothers ‘Good To Me’ ft. Majesty on Viper Recordings. So we thought we would catch up with him to find out what his top remixes are….

Ram Trilogy – Gridlock – Break Remix 

Love this track, it’s dirty, nasty and smashes it! It’s in all of my sets!

Torqux – Blazin’ feat. Lady Leshuur – Dimension Remix

A few years old this one but still smashes it every time i play it! The intro works really well in sets and then the drop brings all the energy you want in a remix.

Naughty Boy – Think about it – Calyx & Teebee Remix

I absolutely love the original of this track so when Calyx & Teebee did a remix i was straight on it. Using their simple yet completely massive sound to bring it to the DnB world. I don’t know how they do it but Calyx & Teebee manage to keep things really dry but still makes everything sound huge!

Oliver Heldens – Gecko (Overdrive) – Matrix & Futurebound Remix

Another track that features in almost all of my sets. Obviously the original was a huge hit, and M&F have captured that and energised it even further. Always goes off when i play it out.

Brookes Brothers – Good To Me (Bmotion Remix)

Vain to include my own remix, but i’m proud of this track and it took a load of work to get done! The response so far has been amazing, so big ups to the Brookes boys for letting me destroy their track and hopefully people like it!

Brookes Brothers – Good To Me ft. Majesty is released on the 18th March (Buy it HERE) On Viper Recordings.


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