Leila From Vivid Sounds Tells Us Her Top 5 Label Releases

Vivid Sounds have just released their  ‘Xperiments EP’ (buy it HERE and listen below). Its got tracks from Detour, Basic Forces, Dungeon Master & Taelimb on it. We loved the (e)xperimental sounds on it so much, we caught up with the label owner Leila to give us her top 5 tracks from the labels back catalogue.

1. Sticky Wet Stabs – Threshold

The debut release of any material from Vivid by Threshold – The Sticky Planets EP. This was the first track I heard from him for the label and instantly fell in love with the rawness of it.

2. Pluto – Threshold and Due Dilligance 

From the same debut EP for the label. A very different track that is all about atmosphere, minimal beat patterns and earthy feels, keeping that raw unpolished sound that I’m attracted to.

3.Escape Chamber – Dungeon Master 

Darkness EP by Dungeon Master was another experimental avenue for the label. It has such an industrial sound, big and vibrant, yet dark in a sinister way without being over the top.

4. Your Love – Detour 

From the most recent Xperiments EP this is something that I’m drawn to for it’s basic sounds, very synth-like and retro feel, but sweeping basses and sounds that give atmosphere whilst
being minimal. It takes up space, is warm and cold sounding at the same time.

5. Don’t Vote – Taelimb 


Listen to the Xperiments EP, out now!



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