Makoto Top 5 Japanese Drum & Bass tracks.

Liquicity Records are about to drop their 3rd in the ‘Escapism’ series of compilation albums. It is exactly what you would expect from such a distinctive and fine imprint. Liquid, soulful, smooth Drum & Bass. One of its stand-out tracks is from veteran Japanese producer, Makoto  in the form of ‘YGMYC’ (you may have already heard it on Frictions Radio 1 show, if not, check it out below)

We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with Makoto to find out what his top 5 Japanese Drum & Bass tracks of all time are.

1.Makoto – Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph

I made this tune with Paul Randolph who is Jazzanova’s vocalist few years ago. it was more like for Japanese audience as we love melodies rather than bass.

2.Velocity – Fossa Magna

One of coolest Japanese dnb in my opinion from Velocity who is good friend of mine and we do events and podcast together.

3. Ena – Antenna

Very unique artistic music, i don’t think we shouldn’t category as DnB anymore, but he started as DnB producer and really good to see he found his own way and spreading his name worldwide.

4. Heavy 1 – Millers

Unfortunately he disappeared while back, but he was doing really good stuff. i hope he comes back one day.

5.Makoto & Deeizm – Untold (Jabberloop Remix)

Originally me & Deeizm’s tune from my own label, but this one is remixed by Japanese Jazz Band with DnB tempo.

Escapism 3 will be available from 22nd April on CD, Vinyl & Digtal

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