Fireteam’s Top 5 Bangers

Ahead of their new release on Rhythm Roller’s this Friday, we caught up with Fireteam to hear their current Top 5 bangers that are guaranteed to do damage in their sets. Also check out the new EP right here.

Bad Company – The Pulse (The Prototypes Remix)

These guys brought this tune bang up to date!! Always goes off!!

Agressor Bunx – Dangerous Materials

This tune makes me want to pick up the mixer and throw it into the crowd… But I can’t πŸ˜„

Redlight – 9TS (Rushmore Bootleg)

So many Rushmore tunes in my set!! This one gets me gassed!!

Decimal Bass – Low

No words are needed to describe this bad boy riddim!!!!

Benny L – Thunder

Man Like Benny L making some big tunes!! This one my personal fav! Must of got played on every set at Let It Roll Winter after party πŸ˜„


You can get it here


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