You may have already read about the Escapism 3 compilation on our recent Top 5 interview with Makotobut if not, make sure you go pick it up, its out now on Liquicity Records and features loads of liqidy goodness from the likes of Makoto and of course, Hybrid Minds.

We thought this was a great opportunity to catch up with the Hybrid Minds and have a quick chat with them about their top 5. They have deiced to change up the pace a little and give us their top 5 non-drum & bass tunes at the moment.


Daughter – Fossa

Daughters latest album have been the prime choice for airports and long flights. The whole thing is perfection from start to finish. It’s hard to pick just one track but at the moment ‘Fossa’ is doing it for us. Absolutely love the contrast between the very calm emotional sections and the uplifting almost drop like parts.

The Four Owls – Natural Order


Listen to the Natural Order album HERE

Been listening to ‘The Four Owls’ a lot recently. UK hip hop is the one for us. It seems to have stayed true to the older stuff we grew up on like ‘Gang Starr’. The beats and sample on ‘Old Earth’ along with the chilled lyrics all just gel together perfectly to create a nice vibe on this one.

Conner Youngblood – Australia

This track is quite an old one but new to us. Had to Shazam it off the end of an Oakleys snowboard video. It hits the right spots and the drum rolls work amazingly.

Son Lux – Lost It To Trying

Love the euphoria of this track. The drums and build ups make it. A real uplifting track with a bit of power.

Dead Players – Yeah

This track is a few years old but never gets old. It’s a straight up fun, catchy and energetic UK Hip Hop banger to put you in a good mood.
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Escapism 3 is out now on CD, Vinyl & Digtal

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