Rahmanee – Top 5 Influential Tracks

Ahead of Rahmanee’s Bad Boy Steppa EP on Born On Road we caught up with them to find out what tracks influenced them…

Although music I mostly produce is Jungle / Drum & Bass , I really get production influences from all kinds of bass oriented stuff mainly produced in the UK ,like Breakbeat, Garage , Dub ,UK Funky and Grime… . 

Here are some tunes that have influenced my production in past few years:

Odiggity – Wanna Be Yours

As i was mixing a lot of breakbeat back in the days, i was kind of sad when i realised that breaks are disappearing but when stuff like this came out i realised its just evolving and mixing with other genres creating a new moments.

 This tune,as well as loads of other stuff from a similar genre like Funkystepz , Zed Bias or My Nu Leng made huge impact on my music taste as well as in production.

Addison Groove & Sam Binga – Rzor

When this came out it reminded me how i was astonished with bouncy 808 bass when i first heard it on a loud PA back in 90s…

Om Unit & Kromestar – Solar Cycle

Those kind of producers are moving things forward, breaking boundaries . In one word they are brilliant in what they do and i do get a lot of inspiration from listening to their stuff.

Need For Mirrors – Fabric

I love this psychodelic approach to DNB music, wisely produced drums,bass and FX burners. 

Really feelin the parties where people get moved by music itself,not waiting for a tune they know to sing it . Played on time, tune like this can smash the floor as well as acommercial banger with the lead vocal on…

Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights

This tune,released it 2006,  made me buy a PC and a cheap studio speakers.

 Big Up Benny Page, he is a true hero of jungle music! 



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