Moleman has just dropped his awesome ‘Sensory EP’ on Subsphere (check out our post about it HERE)
So we thought we would catch up with the man and find out what his top 5 releases on the soulful DNB label are.

You can listen to his new EP HERE & buy it HERE

Feint – Clockwork Hearts

This is the track that I first wanted to launch Subsphere Records with. I loved the saxophone melody line and it will always be a personal favourite liquid drum and bass tune.

Bustre & Phase – Recall

I’ve always been a big fan of Bustre’s & Phases tunes and this has such a good combination of rhodes, melodic lines and a huge sub bass line!

Salaryman – Last Call

A release I felt went a bit under the radar, I love the guitar on this one and has a great feel to the tune. Love the sub on this one!

Stan SB – Dead

Stan’s signature sound really comes through on this track. Perfect dancefloor tune but still has plenty of melodic elements and Stan really delivers some strong vocals. Very proud of putting this EP out.

Strife II & Identified – Only Truth 

Strife II has a talent for crafting very atmospheric and ambient elements into DnB. Topped off with Identified’s vocals, this track is truly immersive.

Buy the EP HERE

// Moleman Online //

// Subsphere Records Online //


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