T>I’s Top 5 Festival Killers

Serial Killaz show no sign of slowing down and reveal the next banger EP on their label. T>I takes control with his fresh package of quality bangers on ‘Circuits (Part 1)‘. With the EP dropping today, we caught up with him to reveal his Top 5 festival killers that are guaranteed to do damage at peak time.

T>I – All I Do

Bias I know but Ive witnessed A list DJ’s drop it on the main stages an the response from both the DJs and the crowd has been wicked!


Absolute ridiculously good tech tune again I’ve seen it go off every time I’ve heard it played, anywhere lol.


Sick banging track that works in a grimy club as well as in an open air day festival. It’s got the magic ingredients.

T>I Deepwithin

Again it’s worked so far, little chugger!!

AUDIO – Ultron

What can I say the man’s got issues, sick gully tech sweeper that works in your more heads kinder festivals.

Check out the new EP below and get it here


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