DJ SS has just dropped an awesome EP with longtime collaborator & childhood friend MC Warren G entitled ‘Nothing Hollow / Walk Through The Valley’. This year, his label Formation is celebrating its 25th anniversary.
To celebrate this, we caught up with SS to find out what his top 5 Formation releases are.

1. DJ SS Present: Formation Sound of the Summer
No clips available yet. Coming Soon!

25 track of proper DNB music. This is a real holiday section for me. I want to be able to listen to a track from this album in 5 years time and think ‘wow, still sound good’

2. Dj SS & MC Warren G – Walk Through The Valley

This track has serious meaning if you really listen to words. If you get it, then it will give you a positive outlook to your life.

3. High Roll – Reverser EP

These are my right-hand men there. They are doing so much for the label and doing a lot of the jobs I don’t have the time to do. They have worked really hard and they are now reaching the levels! They are going to be major players in the game for years to come, trust me.

4. Critical Impact & DJ SS – Undercover

An old skool project we have revamped.

5. Rockman – The machine EP

Rockman has the potential to be next level!… He has an L.P. worth material already, we just need to wait for his time to come.

You can get your copy of DJ SS & MC Warren G’s latest EP HERE

// DJ SS //
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Twitter –
Soundcloud –
Facebook –
Website –


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