Top Festivals According To LEAF

Serial Killaz latest EP by newcomer Leaf has caused quite a storm accross the scene, so we decided to catch up with him and find out his top festivals,

Bestival, Isle of Wight
As it’s on my home turf its a must. the vibe is amazing every year! so much to do and see. also on the Saturday of every year, it’s a themed fancy dress, this year being ‘in the future’. should be interesting. you can also catch me djing alongside Born Ina Barn featuring a live drummer.

Random Concept/Breakin Science
These are some of the biggest DnB Promotors in the UK. Playing at them is unreal! Looking forward to Summer Gathering this weekend !

Sub-Liminal, Volks, Brighton
This is a big night in Brighton. Volks is a smallish club but that’s what’s nice about it. pure vibes!

Frequentese, Bournemouth
I played here a few months back and the place was on fire. One of my most enjoyable sets as of yet. everyone including myself was going crazy aha reload selctaaaa.

Murky, Southsea
The Murky boys always put on




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