Beat Assassins: Top 5 (All-time favourite) Vocal Drum n Bass Tracks

Beat Assassins talks through his top 5 vocal drum and bass tunes.  Beat Assassins have just dropped Deny ft ELi on MOFO Recordings which also features a remix by DJ Rap. Listen below.

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Benny Page – TearDown ft Mz Bratt

This has to be my all time favourite vocal driven drum and bass track. Since its release I have never stopped playing “Tear Down” in the clubs. This track smashes the dance floor absolutely anywhere I’ve ever DJ’d since its release. It just ticks all my boxes in what makes a brilliant dnb tune. Mz Bratt vocal delivery is sassy, yet cheeky while oozing with a cool London vibe. The beats are phat. The basslines are dirty and with plenty of movement in the sub.  Spectacular tune!

Jonny L – Back To Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Remix)
“Back To Your Roots” is a dnb track that just puts a whopping  big grin across anyone’s face who hears it for the first time. It has one of the cheekiest vocal hooks ever heard in dnb. “Ah! Let me see ya shake in ya boots, come back to the old skool, back to ya roots.”  Basically repeated over and over again riding an awesome dnb beat that just rolls. It’s a proper sing along dnb anthem and still goes down well today despite being about 6 years old.

There was also a rumour going round at the time of its release that Jonny L had revealed (in an interview) that the MC on “Back To Your Roots” was in fact Bradley from S Club 7. Still today you can find forum threads with ranking angry dnb fans disgusted at the notion. If It was Bradley from S Club, well that just makes it all the more hilarious!

Wilkinson – Heartbeatft P Money & Arlissa
This track literally makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  The vocal delivery on Heartbeat is breathtakingly superb. I’m a producer who loves working with vocalists and for that reason I know the challenges this can bring. Wilkinson not only works with one vocalists on Heartbeat, he brings two to the table. A female and male vocal, P Money & Arlissa, and that’s not easy. It’s a bit like being in a band, the vocalists have to really gel with each other. There needs to be that chemistry or your track just sounds like a “pass the MIC session.” But Wilkinson makes it look so easy on Heartbeat.

Sub Focus – Turn Back Time ft Yolanda (Metrik Remix)
I remember when this tune first dropped.  I was hearing it in nearly every  dnb DJs set and still today it sounds totally amazing. I had the chance to work with Yolanda once many years ago in the early days of Beat Assassins and she truly has a magnificent voice.  The original Sub Focus mix didn’t do it for me but Metrik’s remix delivers a banger.

Shy FX & T-Power ft Di – Shake Your Body
And of course a vocal top 5 dnb tracks wouldn’t be complete without a back in the day tune! Originally released in 2001 “Shake Your Body” was one of the first dnb tracks I got into that actually went from underground to over-ground, eventually reaching number 7 in the UK charts. And this was back in the day when getting in the UK charts actually meant something.  Not: ” I sold a few downloads on iTunes.” Shake Your Body” blurred the lines between jungle and dnb. It was also a massive cross-over tune. I canned this track in clubs where dnb wouldn’t be acceptable. It was such a success and (OK, it might sound a bit dated today) had so much longevity and still holds a place in my heart.


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