Command Strange: Top 5 V Recordings Releases of all time

Following the exciting announcement of Command Strange signing to V Recordings with the release of this brand new single Can’t Stop / The Gang, we though it would a great opportunity to catch up with him and go through his top 5 releases on this legendary label.

Get your copy of Can’t Stop / The Gang HERE

DJ Die – Play It For Me 
Still playing this tune in my sets. I love this rolling vibe and development of the whole track, smasher!


Ed Rush & Optical – Funktion
Trouble is such a classic track, it’s defiantly one of the best Drum and Bass tracks ever. This tune was ahead of their time and still sounds awesome today!


Artificial Intelligence ‎– Desperado / Movin On
Two big tunes from mighty A.I.! Desperado is such a tune, I love the atmosphere this track creates.


Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Big Up Ting (Utah Jazz Remix)
Huge remix from Utah Jazz which takes me back in school time, i was danced siting on lessons hours. Also big tune in my sets!


Utah Jazz ‎– It’s A Jazz Thing Album
One of my favourite Liquid D&B albums! If you are a fan of Liquid/Soulful sound this is a must have. This album has influenced me a lot as a liquid funk producer!


Get your copy of the Command Strange EP HERE


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