T-Phonic & Deadman’s Top 5 Technique Tracks of 2016

It just takes a glance down the list of Technique’s 2016 releases to see that this last year has been one of the most prolific and varied in the label’s history and it doesn’t stop there. The Annual 2016 is thirty-two cuts representing the full spectrum of this year’s output. We took a minute to catch up with T-Phonic & Deadman, who had their track ‘Reflections’ featured on the compilation and talk through what their top Technique tracks of 2016 are.

You can get your copy of Technique’s The Annual 2016 HERE

1. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – The Truth VIP
Bigger & badder than the original, proper rave banger!

2. Spectrem – Shaolin
Moody, atmospheric reece, oriental hits and big rolling drums! .. huge!

3. T-Phonic & Deadman – Reflections
Had to throw this in there as it was an unexpectedly big track for us over the summer .. VIP incoming!

4. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Shutdown
Big and noisy jump-up with a deranged arpeggio lashed across it

5. Tantrum Desire – Tantrum Desire – Airhead
Loads of energy in this one, big & funky synth workout


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