T-Phonic & Deadman – Top 5 Influential Tracks

T-Phonic & Deadman are the most recent additions to Technique Recordings’ roster, off the back of their sunshine-drenched contributions to the label’s compilations last year. But those summertime vibes aren’t the only thing these two have to offer. Way before they teamed up, both producers had racked up a list of credits to rival almost anyone. Across his many incarnations T-Phonic has chalked up support from deejays as diverse as Hype, Bobby Friction and Fearne Cotton, and Deadman, in his DJ (Al) Storm guise, has become a certified hardcore legend.

With their first release Scare Tactics / Reflections VIP, we took a minute to catch up with the guys to find out what their top 5 influential tracks are.


1. Bad Company – The Nine
The rolling bass, the horn synths, the beats, the atmospherics, everything about it is a masterpiece.

2. Shimon & Andy C – Bodyrock
Way ahead of its time, stupidly catchy rhythm and bassline!


3. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl
Tech-step at its best .. THAT big gnarly bass drop

4. Dillinja – Nasty Ways
Could have picked any one of 20 tracks from the man but this is Dillinja at his dirty best .. trademark drums and dirty synths with the deadly deep subs!

5. DJ Rap & Aston (Engineers Without Fears) – Spiritual Aura
Just a HUGE bass drop, with a stand out iconic pad intro, never gets old!




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