Welcome to the Jungle Vol. 5 [Jungle Cakes]

Ed Solo and Deekline have spent the better part of two decades at the forefront of bass music. Not only have they been champions of the most raw and dirty beats, many would go so far as to say they are some of the architects of the ragga Jungle sound. These two bad boys have consistently pushed the envelope in new and exciting ways, and are steadfast in their ability to look into the future while always paying homage to their roots. They’re legendary for their skanky riddims as the low end technicians behind classic tunes like “Bad Boys” and “King Of the Bongo.”

They’ve returned to drop science on the masses for the 5th installment of the Welcome to the Jungle series, which has now become a flash point for the freshest and most forward thinking sounds in the genre. Spread across 2 dynamic mixes the boys lay down the bass in an aural journey through dirtnasty bass and crispy clean rhythms.

The Jungle Cakes crew always pays intensely close attention to detail, and only selects tunes that are both teeth rattling and forward thinking. Industry heavyweights like Serum, Bladerunner, Serial Killaz, Benny Page and JFB have all laid down the weight contributing their best beats to knock the subs. Of course No Jungle Cakes compilation would be complete without a dizzying array of edits, remixes and originals from the bad boys themselves: Deekline and Ed Solo. Like the four comps before it, this is destined to become a future classic.

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